SyncSlayer - SCART to VGA Adapter

SyncSlayer - SCART to VGA Adapter


SyncSlayer is a premium SCART to VGA RGBHV with terminal posts for Vsync, Hsync, Csync, RGB and Audio left and right channels. Some features of this board:

  • Switch between true ‘HSync’ or ‘Csync as Hsync’ via pin jumper

  • Power filtering through quality decoupling capacitors

  • Power indicator LED light (blue)

  • High quality RCA left & right audio connector

  • Genuine Amphenol Female D-Sub connector

  • 15Khz VGA output with clean sync signals for HSYNC, VSYNC and CSYNC

  • Genuine Texas Instruments LMH1980 sync separator and cleaner

  • Genuine Texas Instruments voltage regulator

  • Toggle between external 6V-15V power supply (included) or console-supplied power

  • High quality Dell VGA cable included (black)

  • No board Vias (other than through-holes!)

  • High quality 1.6MM PCB with black finish

  • Beautiful acrylic case with red standoffs and black M3 Screws

  • All components are sourced directly from Digikey and are therefore authentic.

The SyncSlayer outputs a 15Khz VGA signal, thus you will have to utilize a proper monitor that can support this signal as it is a low horizontal refresh frequency not commonly supported by modern equipment.

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