SyncBaby - SNES Adapter

SyncBaby - SNES Adapter


Sync, Sync, baby…
Sync, Sync, baby…
All right stop!
Stop gaming and listen!
8bitgasm is back with a brand new invention!

A compact and efficient SNES AV Multi-out to VGA D-Sub (with 3.5mm audio-ouput ) for your Super Nintendo!

Finally, no more poor quality, clunky, unshielded, leaky capacitor SCART cables; convert your SNES output to shielded VGA connection right away!

Some features of this board:

  • High quality, low ESR, genuine Kemet 220uF Capacitors

  • Onboard power filtering through decoupling capacitors - no external power required

  • Genuine Texas Instruments LM1881 sync separator and cleaner

  • Clean 15Khz VGA output

  • Genuine Amphenol Female D-Sub connector

  • 3.5mm audio output jack

  • No vias whatsoever

  • High quality 1.6MM black soldermask PCB

The SyncBaby outputs a 15Khz VGA signal, thus you will have to utilize a proper monitor that can support this signal as it is a low horizontal refresh frequency not commonly supported by modern equipment.

The SNES Mini/Jr units, which were some of the last SNES units produced and were a smaller than normal form factor, will require modification to properly use this device, as they do not natively support RGB output. Typically most SNES units are compatible with the SyncBaby without modification. A great resource to learn more about RGB compatibility is found below:

If you are unsure, please ask first before purchasing!

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