Sweet15 - 15Khz (240p) Monitor Tester

Sweet15 - 15Khz (240p) Monitor Tester


The Sweet15 is a retro gamer’s dream! Especially for those who are always on the hunt for modern monitors that support 240p, otherwise known as 15khz… or 15.734264Khz if you’re a die-hard fan of gaming!

Easily portable and powered by a button cell battery, the Sweet15 allows you to connect to the 15-pin D-Sub connector of any monitor and run various test patterns to ensure the monitor can sync down to 15khz, has no dead/burnt pixels, identify scanline boundaries, and more.

Powered by the ATTINY2313 and a 20Mhz external crystal, the Sweet15 is perfectly suited to run some basic test suites, and is open for further development as the MCU is not soldered in place and can be re-programmed with third party firmware. (*see our programming challenge below)

Furthermore the Sweet15 has a momentary push button so that you can flip between test patterns readily! There is enough room on the ATTINY2313 to store between 7 or 10 patterns of varying complexity.

We went the extra mile and sourced a rather obscure, very short, 9 inch (20cm) VGA cable so that you can keep the Sweet15 discreetly in your jacket and go thrift shopping all day long for that hidden gem of a monitor!

As the Sweet15 utilizes digital logic, the color output gamut is the primary colors Red, Green, Blue and its derivatives Yellow, Magenta, Light Blue, White and of course Black. Output has been impedance matched to the industry standard 0.7v at 75 ohms, so what you see for colors will be displayed at the maximum output of the spectrum.

What’s included:

  • Sweet15, Fully Assembled with 3mm acrylic case and our signature red standoffs

  • Panasonic CR2032 Battery

  • Elusive 9 inch (20cm) VGA cable

  • Preloaded NTSC or PAL test pattern firmware (specify at checkout)

*Programming Challenge: There’s a lot you can do with the Sweet15, and while the provided firmware is enough to identify 15KHz monitors, we are offering to those who are up for the challenge an opportunity for a free Sweet15! Entries that do something useful outside of our supplied firmware for the Sweet15 will be accepted, and there is no deadline. Your purchase will be refunded after your submission is accepted - even if it was years past! The intent is to spur various firmware builds and supply them here for peoples specific needs.

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