Homebrew Computer Club Mug

Homebrew Computer Club Mug


The Homebrew Computer Club ran between 1975 to 1986 in Silicon Valley. Most initial meetings at that time would have centered around the Altair 8800 as it had just been published in Popular Electronics - which ignited a slew of conversations around making future computers friendlier, quicker, and more practical. The most significant indirect product of the club meetings is the development of the Apple I by Steve Wozniak which eventually became the catalyst for Apple becoming what it is today. The Apple I was first presented at the Homebrew Computer Club to get feedback from like-minded enthusiasts and attract attention. The initial thought Steve had was to simply share the Apple I schematics with the club member so they could build their own. Instead Steve Jobs convinced him to sell the Apple 1 rather than give it away for free… and well, the rest is history.

The Homebrew Computer Club had a rather obscure, little known logo, that wasn’t on their newsletter or any sort of official seal; but can be seen on several original shirts some club members had. I found a decent image of one of the original shirts online from an eBay auction and was able to vectorize the image quite well, I then used special font recognition software to reverse engineer the original font so I could type it out anew. I did my best to ensure all the aspect ratios, font spacing, etc was accurate and am quite pleased with the final product.

I’m offering these as a limited run for fellow nostalgia addicts, or those who appreciate having something a little unique. I take no credit whatsoever for the work, it is only meant to be a “fandom” tribute item and nothing more. I suppose Steve Jobs would call me a good artist for doing this [History Reference].

Maybe, if lucky, someone will be inspired to start a similar club!

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