~ Motive ~

We started as a passion for hardware design and the desire to create something tangible; unlike software which is entirely predictable and not physical.

Hardware is portable, can appear like art, and is timeless.  It is standalone and relies only on itself to function.  We appreciate there is a different level of satisfaction and attention to detail as there is no easy undo when you make a mistake.  You either get all or none functionality when you go to run hardware; and frankly, love the obsession of pouring over reams of specifications, schematics and designs to get an optimal product.

~ Quality ~

Our products have a particular focus on authenticity and premium finishes.  The electronics market is flooded with less than satisfactory items.  Materials are carefully sourced and selected for the best pricing in relation to utility and build quality.  For example, we will not forego putting a $10 jack connector on a board because there is a $3 option available with a less than stellar appearance, longevity or specification.  While this may drive out some consumers, we certainly hope others will be attracted to this model and appreciate the concern.